Quite simply, pleaching is a way of growing trees close together in a line with their branches naturally growing into each other creating a screen or hedge.

This technique ensures the trees cannot reach their maximum size (according to their label), as the trees compete against each other for root space, sunlight, nutrients and moisture.

Pleaching is a way of keeping your trees at a manageable height in a nice, tight screen, without the need for costly, long-term pruning and maintenance.

Pleached trees are slower growing (than hedging) and don’t require the constant maintenance. They have deeper root systems making them more drought tolerant.

This is the reason people are switching from traditional hedging to pleached trees for their residential and commercial screening requirements.

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For example, if a tree with a standard growing habit of 6m high and wide were to be pleached 1 meter apart, they could physically never reach their full size of 6m wide, due to their constraints.

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