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Avocado – Hass


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Type A – Hass avocado grafted onto Zutano root stock. Most popular variety among commercial growers due to both its superior growth & disease resistance, taste and excellent keeping qualities.

Height x Width
5-10m tall

large tree

Glossy green foliage

Flowers / Fruit
Harvest from August-December. Medium sized, pear-shaped fruit has an excellent creamy, flesh. The leathery rough dark-purple skin turns to black when ripe.

Avocados hate wet feet so don’t over water in clay soils. By removing the fruit while your tree is young you will increase your foliage development by up to 60%. this wil ensure your tree can put all of its energy into establishing a strong and health root system and foliage

Tree Care
A custom designed avocado soil mix is essential to ensure your tree thrives. a basic mix in sandy soils would be a mature compost, clay, manure, soft rock phosphate. the bigger the hole the better. annual inoculation of the tree is important along with a custom blend of complex carbohydrates microbe food & organic liquid fertiliser monthly to unsure your tree has a very healthy immune system. we recommend composting with Humicarb biannually and immediately followed by mulching with organic lucerne hay as a mulch biannually. this will assist in attract as many worms as possible.

Bag Size

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Additional information

Bags Size

1.2m (35L pot)

Cwise Humicarb

Add Cwise Humicarb (30ltr bag – $13.64 Excl GST), No Cwise Humicarb

Tree Installation

Add Tree Installation ($70.00 Excl. GST), No Tree Installation

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