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Crepe Myrtle – Natchez


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A very popular cultivar with excellent white flowers and highly attractive exfoliating bark. The extremities of the branches become pendulous giving a slightly weeping effect which is made more dramatic with the production of large white inflorescences. Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’ is an adaptable tree suitable for a wide range of situations.

Height x Width
6m x 6m

Vase-shaped to rounded-spreading. Multi-stemmed with a flattish canopy. Eventually becomes a large tree.

Glossy mid-green leaves changing to reddish-bronze in autumn.

White flowers in large terminal panicles from mid-summer through to early autumn.

Adaptable to a range of conditions, heat and some dryness but requires adequate moisture during establishment. Bred for resistance to powdery mildew.

Tree Care
A custom designed soil mix is essential to ensure your tree thrives. a basic mix in sandy soils would be a mature compost, clay, manure, soft rock phosphate. the bigger the hole the better. annual inoculation of the tree is important along with a custom blend of complex carbohydrates microbe food & organic liquid fertiliser monthly to unsure your tree has a very healthy immune system. we recommend composting with Humicarb biannually and immediately followed by mulching with organic lucerne hay as a mulch biannually. this will assist in attract as many worms as possible.

Bag Size
100L, 200L & 300L Bags

Please Note: All country towns located further than 70km+ from Jandakot, 6164 should contact Screening Trees WA to see whether we can deliver to your area – increased delivery rates apply.

Additional information

Minimum Height

2.2m (100ltr bag), 3.2m (200ltr bag), 4.5m (300ltr bag)

Cwise Humicarb

Add Cwise Humicarb (30ltr bag – $13.64 Excl GST), No Cwise Humicarb

Tree Installation

Add Tree Installation ($60.00 Excl. GST), No Tree Installation

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