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Another great mandarin which produces fruit, year after year. Large puffy skin that forms completely separate from the flesh, makes this mandarin the easiest to peel.

Height x Width
3-4m high and wide

Medium sized shrub

Glossy, green foliage

Flowers / Fruit
The fruit is large with good flavour, a few seeds and easy to peel and segment. Fruit ripens mid winter. Produces small, white sweetly perfumed flowers.

Strong growing tree.

Tree Care
Citrus trees need a lot of nitrogen and potassium, and small amounts of phosphorous and trace elements. In Perth’s sandy soils a suitable fertiliser programme providing all the trees nutrient requirements is essential. Spread mulch around the tree to cool the soil in summer and reduce moisture loss. Apply sufficient water to keep the soil moist to a depth of 30 to 50cm. During the first growing season apply a commercial, slow release fertiliser, following label instructions for application rates. Frequent applications of small amounts of fertiliser will stimulate growth and bring the tree into bearing sooner. Liquid fertilisers containing trace elements, compost and fish can be applied to the foliage of the trees monthly to boost growth and address trace element deficiencies.

Bag Size

Please Note: All country towns located further than 70km+ from Jandakot, 6164 should contact Screening Trees WA to see whether we can deliver to your area – increased delivery rates apply.

Additional information

Minimum Height

2.2m (100ltr bag)

Cwise Humicarb

Add Cwise Humicarb (30ltr bag – $13.64 Excl GST), No Cwise Humicarb

Tree Installation

Add Tree Installation ($60.00 Excl. GST), No Tree Installation

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