English Oak


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The well known English Oak is a stately shade tree with broad spreading habit and short, thick trunk. Excellent feature for larger properties and parks. Can be used effectively in urban situations where there is space to reach it full potential.

Height x Width
11m x 11m

Broadly rounded, with an open head. Eventually grows to a very large tree where conditions are suitable.

Dark green to bluish-green, round lobed leaves with a distinctive auriculate (ear-like) projection near the narrow base. Autumn colour yellowish-green to yellowish-brown with the dead leaves usually persisting on the branches well into winter.

Acorns to approximately 2.5 cm long, solitary or in groups of up to seven on a slender stalk.

Powdery mildew can be problematic at times. Considered to be one of the most valuable timber trees.

Tree Care
Wide range of site conditions, moderate drought, air pollution and wind but prefers a slightly acid, well drained soil and a position in full sun.

Bag Size

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Additional information

Minimum Height

3.2m (100ltr bag)

Cwise Humicarb

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Tree Installation

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