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Granular Humic Acid (90% water soluble)




It is a soluble Carbon food for the soil, which not only stimulates microbes but makes any fertiliser work better. It is a diverse product. It is basically a concentrated essence of ancient compost. This slow-release humic acid i also contains good levels of fulvic and ulmic acids, making this an exceptional quality base product. It is an ideal additive to boost bio-activity and improve the performance of compost or composted fertilisers. The composting process speeds the release of the humic and fulvic acids.

70% humic acid

90% water soluble


Detoxifies chemicals and heavy metal

Improves soil structure
Increases nutrient uptake & retention
Stimulates root development
Great for lawns & gardens

Features a massive CEC of 450 which aids in moisture and nutrient retention.
Assists in soil wetting

Stabilise nitrogen and improve nitrogen efficiency

Improves soil structure

Can buffer the effects of excessive elements (particularly sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

pH buffering capacity to help neutralise the problems associated with pH extremes.

5kg, 10kg, 25kg & 1 tonne (50 x 20kg bags)

Please Note: All country towns located further than 70km+ from Jandakot, 6164 should contact Screening Trees WA to see whether we can deliver to your area – increased delivery rates apply.

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5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 1000kg

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