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Gumball Liquidambar


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Well known, tough and attractive tree that is a good choice as a specimen for larger gardens and in park plantings. Liquidambars are renowned as a source of strong, extended autumn colour and make excellent shade trees, where space permits.

Height x Width
5m x 4m

All the beauty of a Liquidambar in a compact size. Dense rounded head grafted onto a 1.8m tall standard.

Lustrous dark green with deep, distinctive lobes. Autumn colour is vibrant yellow-gold then turning brilliant shades of burgundy red.

Inconspicuous. Emerging with the leaves in spring.

medium, shallow root system doesnt require much space as the roots are relative to the size of the tree.

Tree Care
Prune and shape as required, performs best in moist, slightly acid soil and full sun. Will grow in coastal areas provided sea spray is minimal. compost annually with Humicarb and fertilise with Screening trees WA deciduous tree food

Please Note: All country towns located further than 70km+ from Jandakot, 6164 should contact Screening Trees WA to see whether we can deliver to your area – increased delivery rates apply.

Additional information

Minimum Height

4.5m (400ltr bag)


Add Innoculation ($10.00 Excl GST), No Innoculation

Cwise Humicarb

Add Cwise Humicarb (30ltr bag – $13.64 Excl GST), No Cwise Humicarb


Add Tree Installation ($250 Excl. GST), No Tree Installation

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