Tree Installation

Tree Installation Service Perth

Screening Trees WA can also install the trees you purchase from us!

Our highly skilled and experienced team can assess your existing soil and make suggestions as to how to improve it, recommend modifications to existing reticulation systems and provide ongoing advice and maintenance guidance to ensure your purchase has the best start possible and thrives for years to come!

All trees installed by Screening Trees WA will be planted in a specific blended soil by Cwise.

Cwise soils are is 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC fully composted, high humus, friable, earthy compost and full of beneficial microbes. It improves plant nutrition and fights disease, improves soil health, building soil fertility, providing plant nutrition, and disease suppression.

Each tree will be installed in a hole double the size of the tree’s bag, with a minimum of 60 litres/2 x bags ($30 worth) of our Humicarb compost and a specific slow and/or fast release fertiliser (depending on the trees’ requirements) applied at the time of planting.

We will measure accurately the spacing between each tree, then install them. Any excess sand from the holes will be removed.

After installation, the trees will be heavily watered in and if required, trees will be staked to protect them from harsh winds and ensure they maintain their shape until they establish.

A maintenance guide will be provided at the completion of the work along with 12 months worth of organic fertiliser to get you started  

Want to know more about Cwise products – click on the following link for more information:

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